Karma Group and Sanctum Hotel Group join forces to develop luxury rock styled hotels

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Karma Group and Sanctum Hotel Group join forces to develop luxury rock styled hotels
10 Aug 2016

Karma Group and Sanctum Hotel Group join forces to develop luxury rock styled hotels

John Spence, Chairman and Founder of Karma Group, and Mark Fuller, CEO of Sanctum Hotel Group have announced a joint venture to develop a series of authentic luxury rock styled and orientated hotels in strategic locations around the world, accompanied by an exclusive private membership club.

Spence and Fuller have identified a huge gap in the market for this style of hotel, which will combine the credibility and glamour of being frequented by rock royalty and music industry management. Combining the ultimate in luxury and comfort with a rock edge, the hotels will be the number one destination for the discerning traveller accustomed to a stylish and vibrant lifestyle. Boasting the finest quality furnishings and impressive attention to detail, the hotels will feature top of the range facilities such as recording studios, cinema screening rooms, spas, world-class restaurants and bars.

Additionally, there will be a highly aspirational and exclusive membership club based around these properties, providing members not only great rates and discounts at the properties, but also ‘money cant buy’ benefits such as preferential tickets to rock concerts as well as VIP experiences like meeting bands and back stage tours. Initially the members club will focus on the existing Sanctum Hotel Group properties in England, as well as Karma Group’s stable of resorts, but the partnership is currently investigating options to roll out new hotels, primarily in major music hubs visited by leading touring artists, such as New York, Los Angeles, Melbourne and Berlin.

“Bringing together our enormous collective experience, in both the music and hospitality industries, to plug the gap in the market for authentic, quality rock and roll inspired hotels seems only natural,” said John Spence. “Both Mark and I feel that our brands are ideally aligned to create an extremely successful venture and, above all, we share the mantra is that we are not in the accommodation business, but rather the entertainment business. Our global partnership uniquely opens the world’s finest locations to lovers of music and followers of our philosophy of life being a celebration of hard work followed by hard play.”

“We’ve created a strong brand in the UK and our existing hotels, year upon year continue to achieve fantastic success,” said Mark Fuller, CEO of The Sanctum Hotel Group. “We provide a unique offering; a five star hotel experience, a twist of rock ‘n’ roll and an abundance of incredible facilities. We’re thrilled to be working with Karma Hotels to bring our vision to 20 key cities across the world.”

Spence and Fuller have both enjoyed extensive and successful careers in both the music and hospitality industries. In the early ‘80s, John cut his teeth as a music agent in London and it was during this time that he formed a friendship with Fuller who has had huge experience over the years setting up and running some of the leading clubs and venues in London. Mark’s partners at Sanctum Hotel Group, Rod Smallwood and Andy Taylor are two of the most prominent managers in the music business who have looked after many high profile bands and artists, including Iron Maiden.

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