Pop star chef cooking at CLC World resort

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22 May 2013

Pop star chef cooking at CLC World resort

Paul Young, the 80s heart-throb pop star, has 2 special appearances at CLC World’s Costa del Sol resort, demonstrating his own version of Spanish dish paella before an audience of members and outside guests.

Last year, Paul – whose string of hits include the unforgettable ‘Wherever I Lay my Hat’ – was a guest at CLC World’s Hustyns resort in Cornwall for the launch of his first cookbook, Recipes Found on My Travels.

On April 25th and 29th he will don his CLC World chef whites and join Executive Chef Jimmy Staros on stage to cook paella, with it served to the taste bud tickled spectators afterwards.

Paul developed his culinary flair while appearing on popular TV reality shows, Masterchef and Hell’s Kitchen, but had already been collecting recipes while touring his music. CLC World members will benefit from discounted tickets, and all families attending will receive one signed copy of the book, a welcome drink and a serving of paella each.

If you are holidaying on the Costa del Sol this month and would like to meet Paul, he’ll be mingling and chatting to his audience during the demonstrations which take place in the Sunset Lounge at CLC World’s San Diego Suites at their Club La Costa World site. For ticket information call: +34 952 66 99 88 (9am-5pm).

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