RCI® Announces A New Agreement With Advanced World Concepts, Inc.

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16 Sep 2014

RCI® Announces A New Agreement With Advanced World Concepts, Inc.

RCI has announced a new agreement with Advanced World Concepts, Inc. (AWC), the originator of the PRA System, a leading provider of reserve management analysis services. Through the agreement, AWC will offer discounted pricing for its services to RCI affiliated resorts through the company’s RCI Affiliate Access program.

“We are pleased to welcome Advanced World Concepts into the RCI Affiliate Access program and are thrilled to now be able to offer best-in-class reserve management services in addition to the many other valuable resources we can provide our affiliated resorts,” said Kris Jamtaas, senior vice president, Affiliate Partners and Services for RCI.

For more than 25 years, the PRA System has provided the platform for reserve analysis and management, which helps resorts ensure that their physical quality is maintained while keeping maintenance fees in check year after year. Instead of resorts receiving a standalone, static reserve study report that only addresses the current year, the PRA System helps affiliates to perform their own reserve management analysis on an ongoing basis generating dynamic budgets and reports.

Through the RCI Affiliate Access program, RCI affiliated resorts will receive discounts ranging from 15 to 30 percent on initial license and annual subscription fees of the PRA System. In addition, AWC has a network of PRA consultants that utilize the PRA System for providing reserve study/management plan reports.

Developed to offer affiliates a one-stop resource for procuring valuable services at attractive pricing, RCI Affiliate Access also provides customizable solutions for other services that are critical to successful and efficient resort operations. These include accounting and insurance services, marketing data solutions, survey deployment, sales training, revenue management and analytics, contact center resources, video and photography services, inventory rental solutions, and maintenance fee billing and collection.

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