RCI Welcomes SANCL Tribe, its First Affiliated Resort in Chengdu, China

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RCI Welcomes SANCL Tribe
12 Feb 2015

RCI Welcomes SANCL Tribe, its First Affiliated Resort in Chengdu, China

RCI® recently added SANCL Tribe in Chengdu, China to its network of affiliated resorts, bringing a new destination option to its approximately 3.7 million members.

“SANCL Tribe is a wonderful addition to RCI’s list of exchange options in China,” said Gavin Cheong, business development director, RCI Asia Pacific. “Chengdu is an up and coming tourist destination, so it comes as no surprise that it is rated as one of TripAdvisor’s top 10 destinations in China in 2014.”

SANCL Tribe is the first hill tribe themed resort in the world, offering a unique cultural experience. The resort spans 19 buildings occupying an impressive 36,420 square metres and offers 240 deluxe rooms, 40 luxurious suites and 25 courtyard villas, all specially designed to showcase the rich hill tribe cultural heritage.

The property uses the nearby snow mountain, forest and hot spring as its muse, mirroring the lifestyle of ancient hill tribes where mother-nature and home are merged into one. Various Japanese, Chinese and European themed gardens can be found throughout the resort so that guests can experience different sceneries as they explore the compound. There are five club houses, a shopping street, a hill tribe museum, a forest park and an onsite camping area on premises, with a capacity to accommodate more than 1,000 guests at any given time.

SANCL Tribe is located within the Huashuiwan International Resort Scenic Area, a small town that is famous for its hot springs and the snow-capped Heming Mountain. SANCL Tribe is also located near tourist attractions such as the Qingcheng Mountains, the birthplace of Taoism, and Wuzhong Mountain, an important site in the history of Buddhism in China that is popular for its picturesque scenery and cultural value.

The idyllic mountain area has been earmarked by the local government to be developed into a popular tourist destination, which gave rise to the establishment of bars, restaurants, shops, and family-oriented activities in recent years.

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