RCI wins Action Group court case

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EZE Group guilty of scamming consumers
20 Oct 2016

RCI wins Action Group court case

At a hearing in the High Court in London on October 20th, The Honourable Mrs Justice Proudman ruled in favour of RCI and against the test claimants.

RDO was always confident that this would be the outcome and it is satisfied with the judgement that has been returned. As a founder member of RDO, RCI has signed up to a code of conduct that provides additional levels of protection to consumers and has long been an advocate of raising industry standards.

RDO has sympathy for the consumers who took part in the Action Group case; they may well have been tempted to take part because of the unrealistically high sums of money quoted in terms of compensation. Winning a case in the courts is of course never a guarantee and the consumers are unlikely to be aware that in UK courts, claimants (even if part of a class action) can be held personally liable for the costs of the case if they do not win.

RDO would recommend that timeshare owners always do their homework, contact RDO or their resort in the first instance and check a company out before they do business with it. They should be especially cautious of companies that:

– Cold call them with an offer to take legal action on their behalf

– Ask for a non-refundable deposit payment

– Quote figures for compensation that vastly exceed the original outlay for the disputed product/service

– Offer a service that the consumer’s resort could provide free of charge

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