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16 Dec 2013

RDO Member Resorts Featured In The UK’s Sun Newspaper

There was an excellent timeshare piece in the Sun’s travel section, which ran over the weekend on Saturday 14 December. The Sun has the largest circulation of any daily newspaper in the UK, with over 2.2 million daily readers.

The article showcased two timeshare resorts, Sol Amadores – Holiday Club Resorts – in Gran Canaria and Broome Park – Diamond Resort International® – in the UK.

Journalist Stuart Pink visited the resorts with his family to test-drive the timeshare lifestyle and “provide an insight into a brave new world that isn’t just reserved for pensioners seeing out their days in the sun.”

In the travel piece, Pink was clearly impressed by the accommodation and he praised the standards at both resorts.  Features like this piece in The Sun have been appearing more frequently recently, thank to RDO’s initiative to educate both the public and journalists about the many benefits of timeshare ownership.

As the Sun feature mentions, timeshare ownership has crossed generations and now appeals to a much younger generation, too.  Stuart Pink also points out that holiday ownership no longer necessarily entails a lifetime commitment and the feature touches on the flexible and affordable membership programmes at both Holiday Club Resorts and Diamond Resorts. Both companies are members of the RDO.

Pink found the self-catering apartments at Sol Amadores to be “far more practical than a hotel room”, offering more space, more privacy and a wealth of amenities, as well as home from home comforts, all conveniently on site at a fully-serviced private holiday resort.  He added “as far as facilities are concerned, this timeshare resort has the lot”.

The feature touches on Holiday Club Resorts’ trial membership, which consists of a six week trial at various resorts over three years.  Owners with HCR points are able to choose holiday destinations at some 32 Holiday Club Resort resorts all over the world, but in addition they also get to enjoy access to over 4,000 international resorts through leading exchange programmes for timeshare owners.

Diamond Resorts, meanwhile, offers its members an array of varied holiday options at 300 different destinations in no less than 33 countries.

These are positive times for timeshare. The industry – which has historically shown itself to be remarkably resilient during recessionary times – has been evolving at a particularly rapid pace in the last few years.

New developments include limited term products together with a portfolio sophisticated new flexible products which appeal to a younger demographic. One notable shift, for example, is the significant rise in the number of younger families purchasing timeshare membership, while others are dipping their toes into the shared ownership lifestyle thanks to trial memberships which allow them to enjoy a taste of the timeshare lifestyle and the economic benefits that come with it, before they commit to full membership, longer term.

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