Silverpoint Rolls Out Groundbreaking New Sales Technology

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Silverpoint Rolls Out Groundbreaking New Sales Technology
7 Aug 2015

Silverpoint Rolls Out Groundbreaking New Sales Technology

Silverpoint Leisure has released a groundbreaking touch screen sales presentation. Developed using Android technology – the same software that runs many smartphones – the customer-driven presentation provides a dynamic sales journey which is both intuitive and engaging.

With an emphasis on stunning visuals, customers are given a comprehensive overview of the products and services and are free to discover for themselves the locations and accommodation that Silverpoint offers.

The presentation also utilises Google Maps technology enabling Sales Consultants to provide highly engaging guided tours – not only of Tenerife but anywhere in the world that has been visited by the Google Street View car.  The development team has populated the map with a whole range of holiday-related information including restaurants, beaches, attractions and excursions.

As the presentation is fully integrated with a CRM system, Silverpoint is able to learn more about a customer’s likes and dislikes as they engage with the app.   This feedback enhances product development and marketing by giving clear information about what the consumer really wants from a leisure product.  The intelligent software also ensures a high level of integrity and compliance by creating “footprints” of the sales journey, maintaining a record for both the customer and the company.

Diana Aitchinson, Chief Operating Officer at Silverpoint, said: “The inspiration for the development of this new technology was to find an innovative, modern way to connect with prospective members. We wanted to ease the pressure that is sometimes felt during a sales situation by giving our customers more control and by providing a sales journey that is not only visually stunning, but is also personalised to each individual. We can also be confident that the information presented to customers is consistent and accurate”.

Using a combination of an Android front end system and a WordPress CMS, the system can be updated quickly and easily meaning information is always current whilst the presentation itself is constantly evolving and improving as a result of feedback from customers and sales staff alike.

A long term investment in qualified employees has allowed Silverpoint to produce this technology in-house, ensuring a product that is tailor-made to present the company’s current products and flexible enough to accommodate new leisure offerings as they come online.

For further enquiries, contact or +34 922 78 90 47.

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