Silverpoint Wins RCI RADA Technology Award

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Silverpoint Wins RCI RADA Technology Award
22 Aug 2016

Silverpoint Wins RCI RADA Technology Award

Silverpoint’s digital sales presentation scooped a top prize at RCI’s annual RADA Awards. In the hotly contested technology category, Silverpoint outshone the opposition with a cutting edge application that is at the heart of the company’s sales operation.

The touch screen presentation runs on the Android operating system and provides customers with an interactive interface that puts them in control of procedings. The combination of high definition videos and imagery, stunning visuals and animated product descriptions creates an immersive experience which brings the company’s range of leisure and lifestyle products to life.

Silverpoint COO, Diana Aitchison, said: “This award is the highlight of yet another incredible journey. We listened to customer feedback, did our research, and worked tirelessly to create this unique approach to a sales presentation.

“Customers can now get involved and “drive” the process building their own dream holidays and tailoring the products presented to match their own individual requirements.

“Even for those clients who don’t buy a product with us we are able to use the information from their experience to create bespoke offers that might interest them in the future.

“On a compliance level we are able to monitor our sales people to ensure that they are presenting the products correctly and are covering all of the important aspects of the Silverpoint range”.

For more information on Silverpoint visit the Silverpoint website

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