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31 Mar 2015

If It’s March It Must Be TATOC

The timeshare industry year is very much governed by the seasons as to what events are on that time of the year, thus April is ARDA, September is RDO and of course March is TATOC – bit like farmers and their seasons . So the first week-end of March and we all foregathered at Warrington in Cheshire, first for the RDO/TATOC Seminar, followed on by the TATOC Conference itself.

Impressions of the seminar? I think we learnt from last year, which was the first one, and we tried this year to make it more relevant for the committees of the owner-run resorts attending. Did we succeed? I think there is more we can do still and we have learnt lessons from this year. But the high spots of what is in effect a half-day event were firstly, the problem resort session where delegates gave their views on how to solve the problems of an ailing fictitious resort and compare their solutions with those offered by the panel of resort committee chairmen. Secondly, Jackie Murphy’s presentation to the seminar of her proposal that RDO commence a new PR Campaign “#timetoshare” which would embrace both the owner-run resorts and the developers through digital media activity designed to promote the positive experience of timeshare and its relevance to the modern family. This was very well received by delegates – there being a general feeling at the seminar that more needed to be done by the industry to promote the positive aspects of timeshare.

Without doubt, there was a feeling at the gathering that the industry had been focused too much on dealing with the claims companies and assorted fraudsters,

looking for a way to make some easy money from vulnerable consumers and I personally  came away from the event  – both heartened and dare I say it, re-invigorated by the sessions. The bar for next year’s event has no doubt been raised further. I know Harry Taylor will be featured in next month’s RDO Insider so will leave it to him to talk about the TATOC Conference itself.

Another March event – the Tourism Alliance annual Parliamentary Reception at the House of Commons – a very well attended event this year, and although to be cynical, we are in an Election year and therefore it’s in the interest of many MPs to be seen at such events, the high turnout of politicians including the Secretary of State, is a great compliment to the Alliance and the way it has pushed tourism up the political agenda in the UK.

Happy Easter everyone.

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