Mission Statement – Not Mission Impossible?

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22 May 2013

Mission Statement – Not Mission Impossible?

This week saw the new RDO Mission Statement start to go out to our Stakeholders – government bodies, consumer associations, trade associations with whom we work etc. Last week this went out to RDO members and there is a meeting next week in London to look at how we push forward the task we have set ourselves of cleaning up so much of the rubbish on the internet that denigrates the industry around Europe. This will be no easy task and I suspect many members will be saying that we’ve been here before, but I am optimistic that if we lay our plans right next week, we will start to make a real difference and that is of vital importance to RDO and its members. Within the short to medium term, it has to be our objective that consumers will only buy in Europe from RDO members, as only those members will be able to guarantee quality, value and long-term enjoyable holidays.

Which brings me back to the Mission Statement and Values that we have sent out.  There used to be a saying in English, not much used now – “fine words butter no parsnips” which first appeared about 1640 and referred to the time before potatoes which were introduced from America, really took off , and before that root crops such as swedes and parsnips were the staple fare with meat etc. I digress, this phrase essentially means that fine words count for nothing and actions not flattery are the only thing of importance, or in other words, parsnips without butter are really quite useless! The Japanese at that time or later I am not sure, referred to the English as “butter-stinkers” due to the amount of fat they consumed now I really have wandered off!

The point I was trying to make rather long-windedly is that quite obviously producing a Mission Statement and Values is a good and essential first step for the organization but that is the easy part, looking at and agreeing how every member buys into it and implements it, so that the public can trust what we say and what members say and do is the really important bit and we will be looking at that and working on it over the coming months.

I had an email last week from Francisco Olivera in Portugal reminding me that this week marked my 6th year as CEO of RDO (OTE as then was) – this was a bit of a surprise as I only came on board for 6 months to sort out the management issues OTE had at the time – how time flies when you are enjoying yourself!!

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