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13 Sep 2011

RDO Present and Future

Drafting the CEO’s report for the AGM to be held at RDO2 on 27th September, it was interesting to see what had been achieved this year on a reduced budget – reduced, because of diminished levies as sales by members are adversely affected by the current economic conditions across the UK and Europe.

I won’t dwell long on the detail here, but during this year we have achieved the following:


  • Run 7 months worth of TV ads for RDO and its members on satellite and cable stations.


  • Won a long-running complaint with the UK Advertising Standards Authority against ITRA and the sale of its Club Class products on TV.


  • Agreed and set up an annual statistical exercise for the industry so that it will be possible year on year to keep members informed on key performance indicators.


  • Re-designed all 4 websites, to make them more user-friendly and accessible to the public.


  •  Secured agreement to kick off research into what the younger consumer is looking for in timeshare products in the coming years.


  • Obtained better representation in UK and Spain for the industry by new trade association alliances in those countries and continued to monitor and make representations on EU legislation, likely to affect the industry.


  •  Run the Conference in-house for the 2nd year running.


  • Worked with Alberto Garcia to expand the Enforcement Project and develop the new "Mindtimeshare" programme for consumers.


  • Set up the "Panel of Experts" with TATOC to look at possible exit routes for elderly timeshare owners and to come up with some recommendations for the industry. This work will need to be tied in with research on future timeshare products.


  • Worked with Hapimag to set up a new German Chapter.


  • Opened discussions with ARDA on areas of co-operation between the 2 organisations.


With our limited staff numbers, this is not a bad achievement, and as we move into 2012 and relocate the organisation back to London, shedding 2 more staff in the process, we will need to be even more multi-skilled!


With the prospect of further primary timeshare legislation now a hopefully remote possibilty, this is an ideal time for the organisation to give serious thought to what it wants to concentrate on in 2012 and onwards and more importantly, what the membership would like to see RDO focus on in 2012 – be it positive PR, Brand and Product Awareness, Legislative Monitoring and/or Enforcement. Please come along and have your say at the RDO Session Day 1 of the Conference and also at the AGM that same evening. After all, it is your organisation.


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