The Summer Is Over – All Change!

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10 Sep 2012

The Summer Is Over – All Change!

There are a lot of media commentators here in the UK, who are effectively saying, that now the Olympics and Paralympics are over and the weather has changed, the UK will have to wake up to the fact it is still in recession and there is a long way to go before the nation is out of it.


I think this air of doom and gloom is because we are starting the political conference season here, and that it always good for a dose of negativity – especially as we start with the TUC Conference (the UK Trade Unions) and they are all talking about strikes and unrest etc. I have to say that I don’t believe the commentators are right in this, I believe the British public are more than capable of enjoying what all agree were brilliant games this summer, whilst at the same time recognising as the rest of` the EU populace does, that we have a mountain of work to do, to solve the current economic problems.


Talking of the Games, we still haven’t had a reply from Lord Coe yet asking him to desist from using his “Costa Brava Timeshare Salesman” joke. I note that he wrote to the Head of the TUC thanking the Unions for their co-operation during 2012 (despite the bus and tube drivers threatening to go on strike unless they were paid extra during July and August!), so we may yet hear back from him with a fulsome apology, but I am not holding my breath.


On Saturday I heard an ex-Permanent Secretary in the UK Civil Service talking about the UK PM, David Cameron’s, first Cabinet Re-shuffle and how the Government Departments would be waiting to see who the new Secretary of State for this Department would be and what effect this would have on the relevant departmental policies. This is a little analogous to the RDO Secretariat’s position at present, (admittedly not as important); we know our existing Chairman Richard McIntosh is standing down this month and our new one – Calvin Lucock taking over after the Conference. I agree with that Permanent Secretary in that it is always interesting to have someone coming in with new ideas and taking a fresh look at the organisation, so we welcome Calvin with keen anticipation and say farewell to Richard with a debt of gratitude for seeing us through the changes RDO has undergone these last 4 years.


I can’t finish without a mention of RDO3, starting 2 weeks from today (or possibly yesterday depending when this goes up!). Registration closes next week and there is a great line up this year with a lot of external speakers to bring new ideas to the industry and top speakers from within as well. Don’t forget the Breakout sessions either on the Monday afternoon which are designed to get delegates thinking about PR/Communications for their business – how much they need or want and gives delegates a chance to hear what travel journalists are looking for and also on how to analyse and appeal to a new customer base for your business. Paul Mattimoe is running a second breakout session on products at the same time and this promises to be an interesting session, so take your choice! Some great social events as well – look forward to seeing you there!


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