Timeshare Task Force

RDO / Timeshare Task Force

The Timeshare Task Force is an initiative that is bringing together timeshare organisations, consumer bodies, enforcement agencies and individual companies with the common aims of:

  • Identifying and tackling fraudsters
  • Supporting legal compliance
  • Assisting consumers with advice and resolutions services
  • Enhancing the experience and enjoyment of timeshare for owners and those interested in becoming owners

The Timeshare Task Force is also being supported by politicians and consumer journalists.

Who TTF Works with

In addition to RDO, the Timeshare Task Force, are partnering and collaborating with:


KwikChex provides investigation and verification services that deliver accurate online information about businesses. KwikChex has been vetted and approved by the UK Trading Standards – acknowledging the diligence and quality of their work. Their official ‘Buy with Confidence’ accreditation can be viewed on this link.

Timeshare Business Check is a part of the Timeshare Task Force initiative, which is managed by Kwikchex and operated in accordance with KwikChex verification processes and in conjunction with appropriate authorities and organisations.

European Resort Owners’ Coalition (EUROC)

EUROC is the official, independent, non-profit making association that stands side by side with timeshare owners and committees from home owner clubs (HOAs) and resorts around Europe to form an alliance of likeminded people who all have the same goal, duty and commitment towards preserving,

European Consumer Centres Network (ECC)

The network of European Consumer Centres (ECC-Net) serves EU consumers shopping for goods and services on the European market, providing them with advice on their EU consumer rights and helping them with their disputes with traders in other EU countries.

The Timeshare Task Force is working with the ECC in intelligence gathering and sharing, legal opinion and in providing consumers with advice on specific threats.