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What is RDO?


RDO (Resort Development Organisation) is the trade association for vacation ownership across Europe, encompassing a number of usage types including timeshare, fractional interests, private residence clubs, condo hotels, destination clubs etc, all aimed at providing holidaymakers with quality holiday accommodation through various concepts of use.

RDO members represent the best in European vacation ownership and are committed to high service standards and integrity. They are bound by a code of conduct and an independent arbitration scheme, providing levels of protection beyond those required by law.

The Importance of the Logo

The RDO logo is the sign of quality and trust in vacation ownership and we recommend to the public that they check on the RDO website or with the consumer services department that a company is affiliated to RDO before they make a purchase.

RDO’s work with the media

Despite high owner satisfaction levels, press coverage of the industry can still be negative, particularly in the UK and Germany. Although some articles reflect legitimate owner concerns, the vast majority of ‘scare’ stories are not about vacation ownership, despite the headlines. It’s all down to journalists wrongly reporting new holiday products, e.g. holiday clubs, as timeshare.

RDO has been working tirelessly to turn the media’s views around and this educational programme is a high priority for the organisation.

Why is RDO important to consumers?

  • Our members are committed to high service standards and sign up to a code of conduct.
  • We investigate fraudulent activity and work with the authorities to have companies closed down.
  • We offer a free complaint handling service to customers of our members
  • We work with governments to bring in legislation that’s fair to both the industry and consumers.
  • We inform the media about the difference between vacation ownership and holiday clubs.
  • We fund the Timeshare Task Force, which is operated by Kwikchex, who are UK Trading Standards approved.
  • We support EUROC (European Resort Owners’ Coalition), the member led, organisation of and representing timeshare owners committees in Europe

Why is RDO important to operators in the Industry?

Our purpose is to help our members to grow their businesses successfully and sustainably, and RDO does this through: –

  • Promotion of the Industry
  • Europe-wide lobbying
  • National Representation
  • Networking & Annual Conference
  • Education and News
  • Enforcement
  • Research & Statistics
  • Working with owners
  • Mediation for members and consumers