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If you would like to contact RDO’s Chief Executive, Paul Gardner Bougaard, with regard to features on any issues relating to timeshare or fractional ownership, or would like further information, please email him on

Paul has been Chief Executive of the Resort Development Organisation since 2007 and is an experienced media commentator having previously appeared on: BBC Radio4 Money Box, BBC Breakfast and BBC London TV, talking about a range of issues surrounding timeshare and fractional ownership.

A barrister by training, Paul spent 10 years at the Bar, before deciding to take a Masters in EU law at Kings College, London. Since then he has worked in the EU Commission and then in European financial services both in Brussels, London and Dublin.

Subjects he can talk about include:

  • What is timeshare?
  • Using the exchange system
  • The benefits of timeshare over other holiday types
  • The role of the, RDO, the European trade body for the industry
  • Worldwide/European statistics
  • The benefits of timeshare and fractional ownership to local economies
  • Current trends
  • Legislation in Europe
  • Resales and management fees – common misconceptions
  • RDO’s work with consumers

The RDO press pack is available to download: Press Pack 2022 pdf