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RDO Membership helps members to grow their business in a number of ways, notably through:

Promotion of the RDO kitemark – Raising awareness of RDO and the industry at large is a central priority for the Organisation and a strategy to educate the public, the media and other stakeholders has been adopted. This includes press briefings, resort visits, increased contacts with parliamentarians & consumer centres and an enhanced on-line presence

A company specialising in tackling on-line defamation has been appointed to protect RDO and its members, with significant results in a very short period of time. With an increasing number of fraudulent companies taking to the Internet, this is a key part of our strategy to protect and promote members.

Quality Endorsements – Members are entitled to use the RDO logo on all their sales literature, business stationery and websites. The logo acts as a positive endorsement for customers who can be reassured that they are dealing with a company that has signed up to a Code of Conduct. Mediation and ADR Scheme, and is committed to offering the best in European vacation ownership. In 2013, RDO published its Mission Statement, pledging high ethical standards and compliance from all members, reinforcing the message of the importance of RDO to consumers.

Access to research & key industry data – The Organisation’s libraries of reports and key statistics are also available for members to use in their own marketing and planning activities. Key statistics on the industry (KPIs) are gathered and published annually.

Free newsletter subscription – RDO issues an e-newsletter on industry matters once a week, along with a members’ only monthly e-newsletter – ‘RDO Insider’. As well as a round up of RDO activities, the monthly update includes interviews with the Chairman, Chief Executive and Council Chairmen and viewpoints from members. You can also follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

RDO Discounts – RDO Membership includes entitlement to substantially reduced rates at RDO organised events such as the annual convention and regional seminars. RDO members may also benefit from specially negotiated reduced fees at other external events.

The opportunity to network – RDO’s on-going meeting schedule and the annual European Conference allow RDO members to meet with colleagues from across the whole of Europe and the full spectrum of the industry.

Representation around Europe – Through its National representation, RDO is ideally placed to carry out local activities, such as media contact and lobbying, for the benefit of members based in those countries.

Enforcement – With an annual budget in excess of €200,000, RDO and the organisations it supports through the programme, work with the authorities around Europe to have fraudulent companies investigated by the Police and other enforcement bodies. As a member of RDO, you will have access to enhanced information not available to those outside of the organisation and may also be able to call on RDO enforcement for advice and assistance should your company’s customers be targeted by fraudsters.

Europe-wide lobbying – RDO represents the collective voice of the industry and communicates the views and interests of the European timeshare and fractional ownership industries to national governments, the European Commission and Parliament, the media and other consumer bodies and associations. Legislative developments are monitored, through membership of key national trade associations; RDO has direct access to national governments in a number of member states.

Categories of RDO Membership

RDO membership is open to all those directly or indirectly involved in the European timeshare industry. There are four main types; full, associate, international affiliate and personal affiliate.

Different fee structures apply to different categories of membership within the four main types, dependent upon the size and nature of the member company concerned.

Details are available within the Membership Application Form and Fee Structure Tariff, which can be received by contacting us.


Full membership is open to companies and other businesses established in Europe and directly engaged in the resort development industry.


Associate membership is open to companies providing specialist services to the industry, such as lawyers, consultants, software suppliers and other suppliers of goods and services.


International affiliate membership is for companies operating outside Europe but otherwise eligible for membership.


Personal individual affiliate membership is available to individuals who work for full, associate or international affiliate members.


Full membership includes voting rights at members’ meetings and full members have the right to be nominated for election to the Board. All other categories of membership do not carry voting rights.