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How timeshare works

Timeshare, also known as holiday ownership, provides great value for money. You buy the right to spend time in high-quality holiday resorts, either for a fixed period or for life. You can then let friends and relatives use your time slot or rent it out. Timeshare also gives you the chance to exchange ‘like for like’, letting you take you holiday time in another country or during another period. Buying a timeshare week and becoming a member of an international exchange company, or joining points club, gives you greater flexibility without compromising the quality of your holiday.

What RDO means to you

The Resort Development Organization is the official European trade association for timeshare.

Among its members, RDO includes resort companies, exchange organizations, trustees, finance houses and resale companies.

RDO members represent the best in European timeshare and are committed to high service standards and integrity. They are bound by our Code of Conduct, which ensures buyers have secure occupancy rights and that their payments are protected. We recommend that you buy from an RDO member.

RDO also works to promote a better understanding of timeshare among consumers, governments and the media – giving information and advice. It provides a free advisory and conciliation service to anybody who deals with its members.

Our Charter

RDO is the official voice of the timeshare industry in Europe.

We seek to ensure the highest standards within the industry and full satisfaction for all timeshare owners seeking trouble-free, high quality holidays.

We help to ensure that all promotional material is accurate, comprehensive, easy to understand and in no way protected.

We insist that every timeshare owner’s purchase is well protected.

We work with governments at European and national level to create fair legislation that safeguards the interests of the consumer and encourages the positive development of the industry.

How to buy successfully

Millions of owners already enjoy timeshare holidays at resorts around the world – from large leisure complexes to quiet country cottages. Independent studies show that owners are satisfied or very satisfied with their purchase. The tips overleaf will help you to buy successfully.

Buying tips

Timeshare is right for you
Timeshare is a flexible product with many options, so read the paperwork carefully to ensure you have made the right choice.

Cooling off
In all European Union countries you have, by law, the protection of a minimum 10-day cooling off period.

Check the paperwork
The printed agreement of or contract will include all your rights and obligations, so read it carefully.

Get a full description
Ask for a full description – or Disclosure Statement – of the resort and any services provided. The contract should show your legal ownership rights and obligations, details of the management company and your management fees, whether there is an elected owners’ committee. The contracts of RDO members always comply with the EU Timeshare Directive and the UK’s Timeshare Regulations, and provide you with full protection.

Buy from an RDO member
Members follow our Code of Conduct, which offers greater safeguards than the law demands.