RDO / Structure

The Resort Development Organisation (RDO) is structured to provide an effective industry voice for the best of European timeshare.


The Board of Management is responsible for the overall policy, strategy and governance of the organisation. It is formed by key figures from throughout the industry, including the Chairman and Chief Executive.


Separate councils have been established to focus on special areas and to recommend policy to the Board.

Communications Council – Protects the use of the RDO name and logo, produces promotional material and organises RDO’s publicity and communications programmes and publications. It is also responsible for industry events.

Legislative Council  – Promotes active involvement of RDO at both national and European institutions to increase the awareness and understanding of the timeshare concept and industry. It also represents RDO on working parties, monitors proposed legislation and provides legal advice to members.


The former National Associations in the UK and Madrid act as National Chapters of RDO, helping to ensure that RDO’s objectives are met in the countries represented by members. National Chapters are also responsible for carrying out programmes and agreed activities relevant to their respective market needs.