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RDO - Too Much Enforcement? RDO Timeshare
16 Sep 2014

RDO – Too Much Enforcement?

Without pre-empting the content of this week’s session at RDO5 “Self Regulation –too tight or too loose?” nor indeed the Breakout Session “Mitigating the Risk”- this topic has been under consideration these last few days as we look at the budget for 2015 – as always, a balancing act for any trade association between what we would like to achieve and what we believe members are prepared to contribute. No-one can pretend the media coverage this year in the UK, Germany and Scandinavia has been particularly good, indeed one could say it has been a bit of an unmitigated disaster, but...

5 Aug 2013

“ Buckle Up Boys, You’re In For A Bumpy Ride”

So said Bette Davis in the opening few minutes of, I believe, “All About Eve” in which she starred against Joan Crawford - all I can remember is that it was in black and white and Davis descends a staircase at a party looking quite stunning and utters these lines as some man lights her cigarette  (I really must be getting old.) Don’t ask me why I remember it – I just thought it was a great line. It came back to me this week as there have been numerous discussions and questions over the activities of the Police in...