EUROC Timeshare Support Hub

RDO / EUROC Timeshare Support Hub

EUROC’s Timeshare Support Hub was launched in October 2023, providing free access to independent guidance for timeshare owners. This support service is delivered through multiple channels including an online hub, a telephone service, email and WhatsApp.

The EUROC Timeshare Support Hub will not provide legal counsel, mediation or arbitration to timeshare owners, but will make it much easier for consumers to access the guidance and support they need. Consumer can also access a wide range of FAQs on the site.



Telephone: +44(0) 203 582 2345

Online Form:


European Resort Owners’ Coalition (EUROC)

EUROC is the official, independent, non-profit making association that stands side by side with timeshare owners and committees from home owner clubs (HOAs) and resorts around Europe to form an alliance of likeminded people who all have the same goal, duty and commitment towards preserving, protecting and enhancing the world of timeshare ownership and ensuring the best possible treatment of timeshare owners and members.  

European Consumer Centres Network (ECC)

The network of European Consumer Centres (ECC-Net) serves EU consumers shopping for goods and services on the European market, providing them with advice on their EU consumer rights and helping them with their disputes with traders in other EU countries.