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Information about fractional ownership schemes


Fractional ownership enables people to own an interest in a luxury property (often in an exclusive holiday resort or city centre location) that they might otherwise be unable to afford. Buying fractionals is equally attractive to those who can afford to purchase property outright, but do not have the time to use or maintain it all year round.  Fractional properties are available at resorts around the world and the number of fractional residences available for ownership is growing as more and more people find this form of holiday home ownership an attractive proposition.


Fractional ownership schemes are sold in anything from quarter to one twelfth shares, with periods of the year being allocated on either a rotational basis or a mixture of fixed and floating periods within a season. Like timeshare, owners get the benefits of a management company to take care of the property.  Fractional owners usually have a direct interest in the value of the asset and are likely to benefit from any appreciation in the property value, although this may not always be the case.



Fractional Ownership Schemes


Fractional ownership schemes are extremely successful in the US and the concept is increasing in popularity in Europe. Buying fractionals is not just confined to real estate. Luxury Yachts, Prestige Cars and Private Jets are just some of the other luxury products that are available under Fractional ownership schemes.

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