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How to sell timeshare

After buying a timeshare there will of course be situations where owners may need to dispose of their timeshare weeks/points.  However, as Timeshare is regarded as a long-term investment in holidays, as opposed to an investment in real estate, it would be unrealistic to rely on realising the original purchase price.

If you are selling timeshare bear in mind that some resorts/unit sizes are far more popular than others and; as sales depend on current supply and demand it is not always possible to guarantee a date for resale so bear this in mind if you are trying to dispose of a timeshare.   If you are planning to sell a timeshare it is worth researching the various resale companies as they will offer different services and there may be differences in how they sell timeshare.  Depending on the resort and time of year selling a time share can be a fast and easy process but in some cases you will have to be patient before getting the right offer for your timeshare.

Important information for selling timeshare: It is important to note that as of February 2011, the new European Timeshare Directive also covered timeshare resales. Resale companies must provide buyers with a 14 day cooling off period and are not permitted to take any form of upfront fee when selling a timeshare. 

If you are selling your time share with an RDO Resale Member they must follow the Code of Coduct. Details of the services / costs / commissions / valuations should be obtained by contacting the relevant agencies direct.

For more detailed timeshare resale/selling advice and a list of RDO Resale Members please read the article.