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10 Jan 2012

2012 And All That

Post RDO 2 and ARDA Fall in September and November respectively, I seem to have been endlessly writing pieces for various journals so the writing of blogs went very much to the back of the queue and then we had Christmas etc etc. So apologies for all those of you waiting with baited breath for my pronouncements on matters of moment within the industry – not that there are that many of you I would venture to think!

New Year is of course a time for resolutions and new leaves being turned, but I tend to give those a miss – must be my age, although I have resolved to step up the frequency of these blogs, so you have been warned. It’s a good time though to reflect on the industry and the role of RDO etc – bit of an annual report although a blog hardly gives the space or time for this so let me just say that despite all the economic gloom thrown up by the Eurozone crisis, I am feeling quite positive about things – even though next week, January 13th is traditionally the worst day of the year for Brits?

So what has contributed to this small glow of warmth? Well, RDO has come through it’s almost 3 year re-structuring process successfully and the new RDO Ltd is up and running, with the closure of the Brussels RDO scheduled to finish by April although that process is not entirely within our total control. We have set up and are implementing our new co-operation agreement with ARDA, and already starting to see benefits coming through from that, we have a great team now working for the Secretariat, with an enhanced Enforcement operation fully funded for 2012. We have also managed to reduce 2012 costs to members, yet maintained a full programme for the year – and I will go through this at the next blog.

So we are in good shape to weather whatever fate throws at us in 2012 and I have little doubt there will be plenty of “merde” as the French call it during the year. I did however hear one financial pundit say last week that he had changed his view and thought that the euro would now still be around this time next year, so who knows, with encouraging employment news from the USA this week, things may be starting to improve-or maybe I am just whistling in the dark – only time will tell! Happy New Year to you all!


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