If you think you have been defrauded, read on….

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5 May 2011

If you think you have been defrauded, read on….

If you have been invited to a presentation to discuss ways in which to dispose of your timeshare/ points or to join a class action scheme against your resort developer but then signed up for membership of a holiday club, we would like to hear from you.


The European trade body for timeshare, *RDO (Resort Development Organisation) is currently looking into the activities of a number of holiday clubs that we believe are deliberately misleading timeshare owners and signing them up to holiday clubs, often with the promise that any money paid will be recouped through a cashback scheme.


To submit a complaint to RDO, please email our enforcement team on, providing the following information:


– A brief summary of your experience
– A copy of the contract you signed
– Copies of any other relevant correspondence
– Confirmation of monies paid to date


Although RDO cannot intervene directly on your behalf, your assistance in building up a picture of the activities that harm timeshare owners is crucial to our work in safeguarding consumers’ interests.


*As the European trade body for timeshare, RDO, which was formerly called OTE, is committed to best practice and raising industry standards. As such, its members sign up to a code of conduct and arbitration scheme, providing levels of protection over and above those required by law.

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