RDO1 outlines ‘the road ahead’ for the timeshare industry

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3 Oct 2010

RDO1 outlines ‘the road ahead’ for the timeshare industry

Under the general title, ‘The road ahead’, RDO1 provided delegates with valuable insight into what the future may hold for the timeshare and fractional industries, while looking at what lessons can be learnt from other sectors.


Guest speaker Professor Leo Jago, Acting Director of the Travel Research Institute at the University of Nottingham, talked about the main trends in tourism that will affect the timeshare industry. He described a new type of consumer who is wealthier but time poor, driven by value and personalised experiences, influenced by peer recommendations and more environmentally conscious.


A session entitled ‘Where is the next pot of gold?’ talked about the importance of targeting the younger audience through programmes which are relevant to them, including the use of social media. In terms of key destinations, Dubai was still seen as a vacation Mecca despite recent difficulties.


Panellists discussed what can be learnt from other sectors like the hotel or tobacco industries, or even examples like Madonna or Apple, that have reinvented themselves to keep in touch with consumer trends. Pre-filmed interviews with Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean International that highlighted the perception problems the cruise industry had faced and provided lessons on how to deal with these for the timeshare industry.

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