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8 Aug 2011

RDO’s new website (and British society)

We are in the middle of what is supposed to be the "silly season" for news and normally with politicians on holiday the media is stuck for good stories to run. This year they must think their Christmases have all come at once – or perhaps not as both news editors and politicians rush back from their holidays to deal with the continuing euro crisis, the US debt problems and more locally – riots on the streets of London and other UK cities. On this latter point, it is deeply shaming speaking as a British citizen, to see the looting and mayhem on our streets and perhaps most shaming of all is the fact that it appears to be motivated totally by greed and lawlessness rather than any political or social motives. We do need to take a long hard look at our society and where it is going.

Enough of the moralising – political or otherwise – the new RDO Website is now up and running and designed we hope to be more easily navigable, clearer, easier to read and most importantly – relevant to RDO members and consumers looking for information on RDO membership. Despite the difficult financial climate we all operate in and which looks set to be with us for some years yet (as I write this the Fed in the US has announced that interest rates will remain at 0.5% for the next 2 years – a clear indication of how long this problem is likely to last)- we considered it absolutely vital that we continue with our programme of re-designing all our websites as the internet and social media become increasingly important and relevant to getting the word out to consumers about timeshare and vacation ownership in general. In these difficult times when we have to be media savvy and constantly looking for ways of getting our message across – and here a special well done to Sue McNichol who has just managed to put together a deal with Easyjet to carry an RDO advertorial and accompanying ads from member companies in its flight magazine and this will be going out shortly we expect.

As a bit of a postscript – as we work on the relocation of RDO from Brussels, I have been known to bemoan the amount of bureaucracy that exists in Belgium surrounding the running of a company. I was listening recently to a programme on the BBC’s Radio 4 about the frauds being carried out by debt relief companies in the UK, i.e. companies that offer to sort out personal debt problems and then either take the fees and money and disappear or go bust. Much of this fraud turns on how easy it is to set up a company in the UK and just as importantly, keep doing it even though the directors etc. have dubious backgrounds. The amount of money lost is large about £40,000 on average by people who can ill-afford to lose money in the first place. The UK may rank much higher than Belgium in terms of ease of doing business but sometimes it just may be that the downside of this is personal misery and loss.

Just a thought! Have a good holiday those who are taking them this month.


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