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Which Social Networking Platforms Should Your Resort be Using for Marketing in 2019 and Why
17 Jan 2019

Which social networks are the best way to market your resort in 2019 and why?

The power of social networking platforms as a tool for promoting your brand to a wider audience, resort reputation management and ultimately increasing sales is now almost undeniable, even to those most resistant to change. This isn’t to say though that even now at the start of 2019, almost 15 years since the start of Facebook, that there aren’t still people who view social networks as something new and doubt their significant and powerful usage as a marketing tool. In fact different versions of social networking sites were started way back in the mid-1990s and  the popularity of these types...

RDO Chief Executive Blog
1 Dec 2015

United We Stand, Divided We Fall…….

The full quote is “United we stand, divided we fall” and surprisingly it is originally attributed to Aesop of the fables fame in his fable “The four oxen and the lion” written in the 6th Century BC. I hit on this title today as I was walking our retriever (Falco – named after a Roman Detective whose books are set by Lindsey Davis in the time of the Emperor Vespasian), he doesn’t have Falco’s intelligence needless to say – well he wouldn’t being a retriever – “an intelligent retriever” is an oxymoron after all. I hit upon this title gazing...