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7 Nov 2010

UK Tourism Strategy

The UK government has launched a tourism strategy to help generate 4 million additional overseas visitors over the next 4 years, bringing in £2 billion worth of extra spend to the UK and creating 50,000 new jobs across the country. It has joined forces with the private sector to create a marketing fund of more than £100 million to promote tourism abroad and is exploring ways in which to overcome issues that currently challenge the industry such as red tape on business, visa applications, airport queuing times, planning and infrastructure.


The government’s goals are to:


  1. Fund a marketing campaign to attract visitors to the UK in the years following 2012. The £100m campaign, aims to attract 4 million extra visitors to Britain over the next 4 years.
  2. Increase the proportion of UK residents who holiday in the UK to match those who holiday abroad each year
  3. Improve the sector’s productivity to become one of the top 5 most efficient and competitive visitor economies in the world.


Tourism Alliance, which RDO UK became a member of in January, welcomes the Tourism Policy and sees it as potentially the most significant step forward for Britain’s tourism industry for many years.

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