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Help and advice

If you are seeking help with an enquiry or complaint that relates to one of our members, then please read the guidelines to the Consumer Services.


STOP! and check

STOP! and check

Thousands of timeshare owners have fallen victim to exit and claims fraud scams and the award-winning Timeshare Task Force (TTF) team continues to receive new reports and requests for assistance every day from distressed owners.


Timeshare Resale

If you are looking to sell your timeshare, the please read the information and advice on Timeshare Resale Timeshare Resale.


Timeshare Release

If you no longer want your timeshare, or are seeking information on relinquishing (handing back) your timeshare, then please read the information and advice about Timeshare Release.


Spanish Timeshare Contracts

If you own timeshare in Spain, you may have been contacted by a company that is claiming that ‘all contracts in Spain are illegal’ and that you can get all your money back. Please read the information and advice about Spanish Timeshare Contracts


Timeshare Task Force

The Timeshare Task Force is an initiative that is bringing together timeshare organisations, consumer bodies, enforcement agencies and individual companies. Details can be found Here


Buying Timeshare

If you are considering a timeshare purchase, please read the Buying Timeshare guide, to ensure that you are as well informed as possible when making your purchase.


Code of Conduct

RDO has updated its Code of Conduct to provide more options to owners who wish to relinquish their timeshare. Details can be found Here.