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12 Jun 2016

3 Effective sales teams with Steve Clarke

The world of sales has altered dramatically in the last couple of decades due to a number of seismic changes, such as vast technological innovations. This has led to the interactions between customers and sales staff shifting considerably. Steve Clarke, a globally renowned business coach, and inspirational sales and marketing speaker, has been carefully studying these changes in order to help organisations and businesses keep pace with these changes.

Steve has been invited by organisations across Europe, the USA, South Africa, the Middle East, China, India and Australia to inspire and motivate audiences to transform the way they do business. His strategy is not just empty theory as he has grown his own businesses from the start right through to stock market flotation.

As Steve succinctly points out in this short video filmed recently for RDO at Pearly Grey Ocean Club Resort, if your organisation isn’t willing to adapt to these changes it risks losing business, and ultimately getting left behind. The strategies he suggests can be of a tremendous benefit within the Timeshare industry to innovate, transform, and expand sales.

“Every business that I get to talk to around the world and yours is no different, has three effective sales teams within their organisation. Chances are you either haven’t recognised that, or you certainly won’t have a strategy for those three.

They are the regular, the reluctant, and the referral team. We’ll leave the regular aside for now, we know they are the people that have quotas to meet, they are the people that accept that they are in sales, albeit they can change the way they work today.

The reluctant team are the ones I want to talk about here, because the reluctant team are everyone else in your organisation that could remotely touch or influence a potential client, and an existing client. The reluctant people would be front of house, restaurant staff, waiters etc. All of these different people have an absolute bearing and impact both positively, or negatively on what happens to sales.

One of the things you need to work on is to help those people understand what part they play in the process, and get them to feel comfortable and not overly reluctant about the fact that they’re in sales. They don’t want to be in sales because they see it as being a pushy, sleazy, slimy, in-your-face sales job, and they won’t do that, but let me tell you the people you’ve got in reception, the people that you’ve got cleaning rooms, the people that call taxis for customers, they can all massively impact the experience, and that massively impacts your bottom line.”

Ultimately what Steve makes clear is that whether you are running a one-person business, right through to a multinational giant: “sales isn’t someone’s job – it’s everyone’s job.” Understanding and putting into practice this point can make a massive positive difference in terms of the effectiveness of your business to increase profits.

Here at the RDO we would like to once again thank Steve for his recent training session with the team at Pearly Grey Resort, and for appearing in this video.

To find out more about Steve, including how your organisation can book him for inspirational sales speeches, or staff training, visit his website

He is also very active on social media so make sure to follow along for inspirational posts:

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