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6 May 2014

Improving Sales Operations To Avoid Claims – RDO ‘Best Practice’ Guidelines

Many claims companies that formally pursued PPP claims (payment protection plan for credit cards/loans etc) are now targeting the timeshare industry, seeing it as an easy way to make money, and there has been a consequential rise in the number of claims being made against resorts. There has also been an increase in the number of non-regulated companies that appear to have been set up to exploit consumers who simply wish to dispose of their timeshare but have no legitimate claim to make. Some of these we believe to be breaking laws, such as Data Protection and fishing for potential...

3 Feb 2014

Visions of the World

Following receipt of a number of serious consumer complaints and a subsequent investigation by RDO, resale company Visions of the World, based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, resigned from membership at the end of 2013. RDO requires that members adhere to all relevant laws, uphold the Code of Conduct and lead the industry in a commitment to strong ethical standards and the delivery of high levels of service. Those that fail to do so will be dealt with under the Code and may, in the most serious of cases, have their membership suspended or cancelled altogether. As the company is no longer in membership...