If You Feel You Have Been Defrauded

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5 May 2011

If You Feel You Have Been Defrauded

Contact/Attend your local police station to report the crime and to make a written statement on the official forms. This must also be typed to ensure all necessary parties can read the statement. Any documentary evidence should also be properly exhibited and attached to the statement. The statement should be translated into the language that has the jurisdiction of the crime. The statement should then be forwarded by the police to Interpol. Interpol will check the quality of the statement and that any documents attached are correctly mentioned in the statement and will then forward it to their colleagues in the appropriate country.


If the police will not take a statement as it is a crime that is not within their jurisdiction. Consumers should remind them that the police have a duty to gather and save evidence of crimes and a duty of care for victims. Also the correct action is to forward details and evidence of crimes abroad via Interpol for the Overseas law enforcement agencies to investigate. (Remember that it is unacceptable to expect the police to drop everything to take a statement then and there. Consumers should be prepared to fix a time and date when an officer will be free to take the statement).


If the police will still not take a statement at all contact RDO with your details (name, address, contact number and brief details of the complaint), the police station visited or phoned and the person who you spoke to.

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