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16 Jun 2015

RDO6 2015 Conference Keynote Details Confirmed

As the programme for RDO6 2015 Conference continues to take shape, we are pleased to confirm the details of the keynote sessions, that will be presented by body language and personal impact specialist, Richard Newman, humourist and film director Guy Browning and motivational speaker Michael Jackson. 

Embracing Change: 20:20 Vision for the Road Ahead
Michael Jackson has been delivering dynamic and motivational business presentations all across the planet for over 15 years. Renowned for his unique, entertaining and engaging style, ‘Embracing Change’ uncovers the 5 key forces shaping our world and shows you exactly how to decode and discover how to successfully compete and win into the foreseeable future. This opening keynote presentation will make you stop, think and reassess every facet of your planning, strategy and operations.

From Aha! to Kerching!
Everyone could do their job better if they thought about it. The trouble is no one ever teaches you how to do this kind of creative profitable thinking. And how do you think outside the box when you’ve hardly got time to think inside? This session offers a range of powerful and stimulating tools to tackle everyday problems through fresh creative thinking without the need for strange haircuts, group drumming or expensive yoga retreats. The highly interactive and entertaining seminar shows how people at any level can use their personal intelligence, initiative and imagination to tackle key business issues.

Walking The Talk – How to increase your impact and influence
Do you want to have more presence, influence and confidence to persuade people with your ideas? Discover the advanced communication techniques that allow you to have the greatest impact on the people around you. Increase your natural persuasiveness and learn how to make anything you say more convincing and memorable.

RDO6: Embracing Change will take place from 17 to 19 September at the Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa in Marbella.  Online registration as well as more details of the conference, programme and speakers is available on

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