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Important advice re increasing risks related to timeshare claims businesses
15 Mar 2019

Important advice re increasing risks related to timeshare claims businesses

On 22 February 2019, purported timeshare claims specialist’ businesses Meredith Pritchard Consultants Ltd. and First Law Solutions Ltd. were wound up in the UK High Court following action by UK authorities. The Insolvency Service presented petitions to the court on the grounds that both companies traded with a lack of commercial probity by failing to provide contracted services in a timely manner or at all. This included accepting payments in respect of non-viable claims, charging excessive fees, and using misleading and aggressive sales techniques. Losses to consumers deceived by the businesses are believed to be in excess of half a million...

Eze directors sentenced to prison
30 Nov 2017

Multiple arrests made in connection with a product known as “Monster Credits”

A number of allegations of Fraud have been made in relation to a product sold by Mark Rowe known as “Monster Credits”. The companies named within the allegations that are currently under investigation include Monster Group SL, Monster Rewards Ltd, Hollywood Marketing SL, Complete Internet Solutions and the trading name SellMyTimeshare.TV. As a result, on Tuesday 28th November 2017 a series of arrests were made across the UK and a number of properties were searched both in the UK and in Tenerife. All persons arrested have since been released under police investigation. Consumers who have concerns about these and connected businesses are advised to immediately file...

Consumer alert - Timeshare Council
15 Aug 2017

Consumer alert – Timeshare Council

It has come to our attention that business calling itself Timeshare Council and using the website  has been cold calling consumers – some of which are registered with the Telephone Preference Service. Their methods are deceitful and unlawful. They appear to imply that they are representing the registered company Timeshare Council Limited – company registration number 02513123, which was incorporated in 1990. This is a fraudulent claim. The website deliberately withholds information regarding ownership and other details required by law. We advise consumers contacted by persons purporting to be from Timeshare Council to report the matter to Action Fraud in the UK  Telephone 0300 123 2040...