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2 Jun 2020

Police warning about unsolicited contact by companies frequently offering incorrect information to current or former timeshare owners

The South West Regional Organised Crime Unit has reported that there has been an increasing number of enquiries in recent weeks from members of the public reporting contact from several different companies offering services in relation to either timeshare they have already disposed of, their Monster Credits or their investments in Staycation Lodges. The majority of the information provided by these companies when offering their services is incorrect or at times untrue. For legal reasons the police are unable to name the companies directly, however if you are contacted by any company that offers a service based on any of...

Alert issued by the police following concerns raised by Monster Credit purchasers
6 Dec 2019

Alert issued by the police following concerns raised by Monster Credit purchasers

Following questions raised by consumers who purchased Monster Credits and who have since had unsolicited contact from various companies, the South West Regional Organised Crime Unit have issued the following alert: We are aware that some people are being contacted in relation to their timeshare and/or their purchase of Monster Credits by UK, Spanish & other international companies offering to obtain compensation on their behalf. This contact is often unsolicited, and the company may be in possession of personal information and details of previous transactions/dealings with timeshare companies or holiday credit schemes. It is possible that in order to obtain this compensation,...