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20 Mar 2018

How To Increase Your Resort Success Through Your Guest’s Social Media Posts

It is no exaggeration to say that when many people go on their vacations, they are almost obsessively inclined to document their trip on social media. Whether or not this is a good or bad thing is beside the point; your resort should absolutely be using this modern day phenomenon to its advantage. There are plenty of success stories showing how brands from a whole variety of different sectors of the economy use social media to boost their sales and increase profits. This includes tech companies, fashion brands and food outlets and this is the case for both bigger brands and...

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5 Aug 2015

New RCI Facebook Launch

RCI has launched a new Facebook forum dedicated to its members across Europe and the Middle East. It is designed to bring together RCI’s growing community of members – and non-RCI members – to share their passion for travel, holiday ideas and stories, as well as to tap into RCI’s own holiday recommendations. “A genuine passion for holidays and a leisure lifestyle lie at the heart of the RCI membership programme,” said Lisa Theanne, E-Commerce and Social Media Strategy Manager for RCI Europe. “Our members have long been sharing their RCI exchange holiday stories with our Call Centre Guides and our...

16 Mar 2015

Interval International Tops 250,000 Facebook Fans

Interval International has announced its latest social media milestone: exceeding 250,000 fans on Facebook.  Growing at a rate of 18,000 new followers per month, Interval’s Facebook presence has grown by more than 60% in just over six months. “Our Facebook page enables us to build our online presence, engage with existing members, and attract new audiences,” said Madeline Berges, Interval’s vice president of e-commerce and digital marketing.  “Thanks to our followers, who are actively sharing their input and ideas and interacting with our brand every day, our social reach has been expanding by leaps and bounds.” Producing and posting compelling videos and...

13 Aug 2013

Dial An Exchange launches Facebook “Like” holiday giveaway

New RDO affiliate, Dial An Exchange has launched a social media Facebook ‘Like’ and Twitter follow holiday giveaway, offering one winner a free bonus week to enjoy at a destination located anywhere in the world. On Friday August 30, Dial An Exchange will randomly select a winner from the names of all their Facebook fans and Twitter followers and the winner will be offered a free Bonus Week holiday. Dial An Exchange’s MD for Europe, Oliver Green, said: "Social media allows us to interact with our members more informally and for them to share their own experiences more easily with us. Facebook...