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20 Mar 2018

How To Increase Your Resort Success Through Your Guest’s Social Media Posts

It is no exaggeration to say that when many people go on their vacations, they are almost obsessively inclined to document their trip on social media. Whether or not this is a good or bad thing is beside the point; your resort should absolutely be using this modern day phenomenon to its advantage. There are plenty of success stories showing how brands from a whole variety of different sectors of the economy use social media to boost their sales and increase profits. This includes tech companies, fashion brands and food outlets and this is the case for both bigger brands and...

RCI adds Instagram to its social media programme
16 Nov 2016

RCI adds Instagram to its social media programme

Instagram has now been added to RCI’s online community portals, giving its members another way of sharing their love of travel using timeshare ownership. RCI’s page now has a community of 430,000+ committed travellers, and with a dedicated social media team behind it, RCI – the world’s leading provider of holiday exchange services – expects its new Instagram page, to quickly grow and complement the shared-vacation ownership industry’s expanding web presence. “The statistics for Instagram use are compelling, demonstrating its value to our industry as an essential influencer of our future customer demographic,” says Lisa Theanne, E-Commerce and Social Media...