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1 Apr 2009

Welcome to RDO

The Organisation for Timeshare in Europe (OTE) has changed its name to Resort Development Organisation (RDO) to reflect the evolution of the vacation ownership industry since its beginnings in the 1960s.


From buying the right to spend a fixed week at one resort to part owning a holiday property or buying a legal interest to have personal use of a luxury hotel room, much has changed in the timeshare industry and now consumers have much more flexibility and multiple options.


Richard McIntosh, RDO’s chairman, said: “I believe that RDO truly reflects the extensive range of holiday options now available in the vacation ownership market. By widening the scope of the organisation’s membership, we are representing the industry as a whole rather than just focusing on timeshare.”


New forms of vacation ownership which have emerged in recent years include what is known as floating weeks, the points system, fractional ownership, private residence clubs, destination clubs and condo hotels. RDO represents all types of companies in the industry, whichever usage concept they offer.


The changes in the industry have also brought a much bigger diversity in the nature of consumer enquiries and complaints. RDO’s free complaints resolution service and dispute resolution scheme covers all areas of the industry, meaning that more people will now benefit from it.


“The level of complaints for timeshare is at a very low level and is decreasing year on year, which compares starkly with other holiday options such as discount travel clubs, which are not governed by specific legislation and do not benefit from trade body representation”, concluded Mr McIntosh.


RDO will continue to work closely with governments, local authorities, consumer bodies and NGOs to protect consumers and help combat fraud.


Along with the name change, the organisation has revamped its website HYPERLINK "" which provides comprehensive advice and information for both consumers and industry members, as well as updates on new legislation and contact details for national associations (known as RDO National Chapters).

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