Work Goes On After EU Directive

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10 Mar 2009

Work Goes On After EU Directive

The approval of the EU Timeshare Directive earlier this year was without doubt a major landmark but the job to protect consumers doesn’t end there according to the Organisation for Timeshare in Europe (OTE).


“Although consumers will be better protected once the new Directive is implemented, there is always room for improvement”, said OTE’s Secretary General Peter van der Mark. “There is always scope for new, better regulations.”


While the process of lobbying national governments for the implementation of the Timeshare Directive is underway, OTE is continuing to work in support of other new legislation which will also have a significant impact on the timeshare industry.


Next on the agenda is the proposed EU Consumer Rights Directive, which is currently being discussed in the European Parliament.


The proposal aims to replace four existing directives on consumer contracts, merging them into a single, harmonised piece of legislation across the EU. It will also update existing consumer rights to reflect issues resulting from the use of new technologies and include protection against pressure selling, or sales negotiated away from business premises.


Also under consultation is a proposal for Consumer Redress which would allow victims of the same alleged fraud to group their claims and take class action against the company involved.


OTE will keep members updated on any further developments on EU legislation. Similarly, a special Guidance Note on the implications of the EU Timeshare Directive will soon be distributed to members.

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