Baby Boomers – the Ultimate Upgrade? Presented by RDO8 Guest Speakers Lisa Migani and Peter Robinson

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18 Jul 2017

Baby Boomers – the Ultimate Upgrade? Presented by RDO8 Guest Speakers Lisa Migani and Peter Robinson

These days, as Europeans live longer and longer lives, they increasingly enjoy more leisure time during both their semi-retirement and full retirement years. Many people can now enjoy a further 20-30 years life after retirement and due to improvements in healthcare and standard of living, are more than able to enjoy active lifestyles, filled with travel. Because of this, many ageing Europeans are no longer content just to simply sit around watching TV or staying at home gardening.

Instead many are choosing new and diverse housing options later in life, as they are free from responsibilities like children and jobs. Instead of one large house to settle down in, the dream for a growing number of ageing Europeans, including many Brits, is to downgrade to a smaller base property in their own country and also own another abroad.

As this trend continues to grow in popularity and becomes more widespread, this could present a significant future opportunity in this lucrative sector for RDO members. Find out about these possible opportunities and how resort owners could fit new products within their current resort offerings at this presentation.

This particular talk will be presented by RDO8 guest speakers Lisa Migani and Peter Robinson, who will bring insights from the UK and USA to attendees. It will begin with an introduction of background to the subject matter from Lisa who will then introduce Peter and pass proceedings over to him. From then, Peter will discuss his role at ProMatura, the number one age-qualified housing consultancy in the USA and their expansion into the European market.

Lisa Migani – FNTC, Director Business Development

Lisa Migani began her role as Director Business Development Europe at First National Trustee Company (FNTC) back in 2006, following a decade long career for the firm in Italy where she is based. FNTC’s clients do business across the globe and within Lisa’s role she works closely with her colleagues from FNTC America to improve and grow synergies between these many different geographical areas. These areas are Europe, the Americas and Caribbean and Asia Pacific.

Prior to her work with FNTC Lisa was instrumental in launching the Italian offices of an international timeshare corporation, and lead their Italian operation for 7 years. In addition to this she also sits on a board of Assotrusts which is an Italian trade organisation focused on the use of trusts in Italy.  

Find out more about First National Trustee Company (FNTC) on their website and LinkedIn.

Peter Robinson – CEO, AIPP & Partner, ProMatura International

Peter Robinson is the leading Partner in the ProMatura’s expansion into the UK and Europe. ProMatura has been the number one age-qualified housing consultancy in the USA for the past 33 years. They have now entered the European market with an office and team in Westminster, London, where British national Peter is based. He has extensive experience over the past 25 years in various international commercial roles. These roles include leading advertising agencies based in the Middle East and London and all facets of the international property market.

In addition to his role with ProMatura he is also currently CEO of the AIPP – Association International Property Professionals and the AIPO – Alliance of International Property Owners. From the many industry sectors he provides consultancy services to, Peter is able to bring a wide creative and strategic viewpoint which he draws from his experience.

Peter’s presentation will give valuable insight into the work that ProMatura has been doing in the USA for the past three decades and how this can now be utilised by RDO members in Europe. The company uses a vast amount of empirical data, in order to successfully predict the success of any residential development in the world, based on what will work, where and why. Over the past 33 years the consultancy has saved their clients millions of dollars in costly mistakes, by being able to accurately show what potential residents actually want and what they will really pay.

The extensive data models used by ProMatura have proved invaluable to their clients, and this will likely be the case for RDO members looking to take advantage of the baby boomer trend of second home ownership abroad. ProMatura is able to actively predict what works and what doesn’t, when it comes to what people want from a residential retirement property, in terms of amenities, cost, size, style and a whole host of other variables. RDO members can then offer different products at their resorts to suit these various needs.

Find out more about ProMatura via their website and connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

We would like to offer a big thanks to our Platinum sponsors, CLC World Resorts & Hotels, Diamond Resorts International, Interval International and RCI and our Gold level sponsors, Dial An Exchange, Generator Systems and Shawbrook Bank. Without our sponsors each year the event wouldn’t be possible so we are extremely grateful for their amazing support.

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