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5 May 2011

Benefits of Membership


Belonging to RDO helps members to grow their business in a number of ways, notably through:



Quality Endorsements


Members can use the RDO logo on all their sales literature, business stationery and websites. The logo acts as a positive endorsement for customers who can be reassured that they are dealing with a company committed to offering the best in European timeshare and fractional ownership.


Europe-wide lobbying


RDO represents the collective voice of the industry and communicates the views and interests of the European timeshare and fractional ownership industries to national governments, the European Commission and Parliament, the media and other consumer bodies and associations. Legislative developments are monitored from Brussels and, through membership of key national trade associations, RDO has direct access to national governments in a number of member states.


Representation around Europe


Through its National Chapters in the UK, Spain, Hungary, Malta, Belgium (covering Benelux), Cyprus, Finland (covering Scandinavia), Germany (covering the German Speaking Region), Greece, Italy and Portugal, RDO is ideally placed to carry out local activities for the benefit of members based in those countries.


The opportunity to network


RDO’s on-going meeting schedule and the annual European Convention allow RDO members to meet with colleagues from across the whole of Europe and the full spectrum of the industry.


Free newsletter subscription


RDO issues an RSS newsfeed on industry matters once a week, along with a members’ only monthly report – ‘RDO Insider’. As well as a round-up of RDO activities, the monthly update includes interviews with the Chairman, Chief Executive and Council Chairmen and viewpoints from members. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter




Benefit from the activities of a former Spanish police inspector who runs a team that acts for RDO on enforcement matters, collecting intelligence on fraudulent companies and working with the police to have them closed down. As a member of RDO, you will not only have access to enhanced information not available to those outside of the organisation but will also be able to call on RDO enforcement for advice and assistance should your company’s customers be targeted by fraudsters.


RDO Discounts


You will be entitled to substantially reduced rates at RDO organised events such as the annual convention and regional seminars. RDO members may also benefit from specially negotiated reduced fees at other external events.


Access to key industry data


Members have access to the results of annual research programmes run by RDO. The Organisation’s libraries of reports and key statistics are also available for members to use in their own marketing and planning activities.


Joint advertising


You can participate in RDO advertising campaigns, whether on the internet or print.


Promotion of the industry


Over the course of 2010 and much of 2011, RDO ran regular TV advertisements promoting the benefits of timeshare and the importance of dealing only with RDO members. It is anticipated that this campaign will be taken up again in 2012.


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