Change is Inevitable – Growth is Optional via Nigel Risner – Professional Motivational & Business Speaker

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10 Oct 2017

Change is Inevitable – Growth is Optional via Nigel Risner – Professional Motivational & Business Speaker

One of the only inevitabilities in both the business world and life in general is change. This is not something to be discouraged or alarmed by, but instead viewed as an opportunity for improvement and growth. It should also definitely not be taken taken lightly by business leaders though, because the consequences of becoming complacent can put a serious dent in profitability, even leading to the demise of a brand.

To see how much things have changed even in recent years, you only have to look at some of the billion dollar companies that have emerged in the last decade including AirBnb, Uber, Spotify, Netflix, WhatsApp, Instagram and many more. Each of these companies has disrupted the industry they exist in and shown how people are very willing to switch to newer services which they deem to offer a speedier, cheaper and life enhancing experience. In other words companies simply cannot afford to rest on their laurels because the world is changing whether company owners like it or not!

During this highly charged, exciting and passionate presentation by globally renowned professional motivational and business speaker Nigel Risner at RDO8 at the Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa, the audience was challenged to really look at what sets apart the successful businesses to those that will inevitably fail. Nigel is someone who doesn’t pull any punches, and instead sometimes puts the audience on the spot expecting an answer. He fully accepts that some find his style abrasive, but is not a concern of his, because he knows that this is often the wake up call that business owners need.

He cited some clear examples of brands and their employees that stick rigidly to a system, regardless of the situation they are faced with. From an outside perspective it is obvious how foolish this really is, because ultimately it leaves customers and clients frustrated, as it did to Nigel when it happened to him in a certain famous electrical store in the UK. By contrast when he went to the US to his favourite dessert restaurant, they were extremely accommodating and went out of their way to meet and exceed what he asked for. This of course left him pleasantly surprised and feeling much more positive than when he had entered the restaurant which is what every brand should be aiming for.

When a brand is prepared to adapt to different situations and treat every client as an individual, whether they are facing them in person or interacting with them by phone or digitally through social media or email, then this proves that the brand is really listening and actually cares about their customers. This in turn means that this individual is much more likely to go onto repeat business with the brand and recommend its services to friends, family and other connections.

Your customers can become your biggest fans, leading to significant positive publicity, especially with the rising use of social media. By contrast, when a brand stubbornly sticks to policy and fails to adapt to the fact that every individual is essentially different and has unique needs, this leads to frustration and a bad vibe. In turn this means brands will often lose customers and gain negative publicity that can significantly hit their bottom line.

Nigel’s presentation was highly participatory which coincides with his approach to helping business leaders and their staff successfully improve the structure of their business. He lives by the ethos of “If you’re in the room, be in the room” i.e. you and your workforce need to be present and passionate about what you are doing to guarantee future success. It is no longer enough to just expect customers to keep returning because of past success, or because you have built up a brand name. Brands need to be constantly adapting and growing in order to remain relevant in today’s rapidly changing economic climate.

Part of this process is through understanding that people are certainly not all the same, both in terms of your customers and your workforce, so cannot all be dealt with the same way. Through speaking with thousands of people over the years while training different teams, he has come to the conclusion that there are four main personality types:

  • The visionary, single-minded lion
  • The playful, extrovert monkey
  • The careful, analytical elephant and
  • The caring, supportive dolphin

Nigel has put this understanding together into his latest book “It’s a Zoo Around Here” which he talked about during his presentation. To be able to best serve customers, businesses need to be able to better understand which type of personality traits each customer has. By doing this they will know how to better accommodate this individual’s needs.

Equally as important as this, company bosses need to realise that within their organisation, the different personality traits of their staff needs to be taken into account to get the best out of their team. A good boss or “zoo keeper” will be able to recognise the different communication styles used by different team members within their organisation or “zoo”, and adapt approaches accordingly. This will lead to greater harmony and success within the company.

Here at RDO we would like to once again thank Nigel for his excellent presentation at RDO8.

To find out more about Nigel, including how your organisation can book him for inspirational sales speeches, or staff training, visit his website:

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