CLC World resorts are the Traveller’s Choice

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2020 Traveller’s Choice Awards
10 Aug 2020

CLC World resorts are the Traveller’s Choice

CLC World Resorts & Hotels are delighted to announce Tripadvisor has awarded the 2020 Traveller’s Choice Awards (formerly Certificate of Excellence) to 10 CLC World resorts and 2 of CLC World resort restaurants.

“We’re proud of the effort all our team members have put in to making this possible – the dedication, passion, hard work, and of course friendly smiles, that make all our guests feel welcome and have the best of holidays,” said Graham Wilding, Managing Director, Resorts & Hotels Division.

“Also, a big thank you to our guests who took the time to post their reviews, it wouldn’t be possible without you,” he commented.

CLC World’s Traveller’s Choice resorts and restaurants are:

Apollonium Spa & Beach, Turkey

Club La Costa World, Spain

Duchally Country Estate, Scotland (Hall of Fame member)

Encantada, USA (Hall of Fame member)

Kusadasi Golf & Spa, Turkey (new Hall of Fame member)

Monterey, Tenerife (Hall of Fame member)

Paradise, Tenerife

Regal Oaks, USA

San Diego Suites, Spain

Sunningdale Village, Tenerife (Hall of Fame member)

Safari restaurant, Spain

Zacary’s at Sunningdale Village, Tenerife

Duchally and Monterey have been Tripadvisor Hall of Fame members – qualification requires 5 consecutive years’ Travellers’ Choice/Certificates of Excellence – since their first year with the review site. Over time, they have been joined by other CLC World resorts and we’re extremely proud to say that in 2020 Kusadasi Golf & Spa has also become a member of this elite crowd.

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