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24 Apr 2019

CLC World committed to reducing environmental impact

In June 2018, CLC World Resorts & Hotels (CLC World) announced the launch of their Spanish environmental initiative, “There is no Planet B”, which looks at ways the company can increase awareness amongst guests and team members on environmental issues.

As a holiday company, CLC World naturally aims to provide guests with memorable holiday experiences and, with many of its resorts based near the sea, clean beaches are essential. CLC World team members volunteer each month to clean either of the two beaches that face the Costa del Sol resorts. In the 9 months since the beach cleans started, more than 300kgs of rubbish have been collected and properly disposed of; that is in addition to the routine cleans carried out by the local authority.

The rubbish left by beachgoers or washed up includes a vast amount of cigarette butts. To combat this issue at the outset, in the summer of 2018 CLC World-branded eco-ashtrays were provided at the two Costa del Sol beach entrances. Ecological and recyclable, the cardboard containers are suitable for both cigarettes and small waste; all the user has to do is simply collect the ashtray from the dispenser (constructed from left-over building materials), use, then dispose of in the bin provided.

Guests are also encouraged to recycle with recycling bins available within the accommodation and around the resorts, thereby reducing the tonnage sent to landfill. The housekeeping department also reuses their bottles with cleaning products bought in bulk and decanted.

Within the offices, concerted efforts are being made to reduce single-use plastic wherever possible. 85,000 plastic pens were ordered in 2018 but they are now being replaced with durable, recycled paper pens.

In 2017, 134,000 one-and-half litre bottles of water were ordered for the Costa del Sol offices, a number that had to be reduced. Water fountains were installed with team members using their own refillable water bottles, cutting the single-use figures drastically.

Team members are encouraged to bring in plastic bottle tops from home for a dual purpose: the lids are recycled – 3,000kgs in 2018 – and the money from the recycling goes to help improve the quality of life for a young girl who lives with Prader Willi Syndrome.

While the focus is currently on the Costa del Sol resorts, CLC World’s UK resorts have not been idle. CLC Duchally Country Estate (Scotland) has attained the Gold Award for environmental friendliness from the Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS) – a leading sustainable tourism certification scheme that operates in the UK – for recycling, energy saving, waste minimisation, looking after wildlife and the landscape, working with local suppliers, reducing CO2 emissions and reducing light pollution.

CLC Trenython Manor has also been awarded the GTBS Gold Award and was one of just three resorts in Europe affiliated to RCI to win the first ever RCI RADA Green Award. The natural features of the 24-acre estate in Cornwall, including six acres of ancient woodland which are recognised as an important European nature conservation site, have been carefully preserved to protect and encourage flora and fauna and in such a way as to introduce our guests, both young and old, to the importance of this work.

CLC World recognises that the work so far is just the tip of the environmental iceberg and is constantly looking for ways to improve the impact on the environment through greater awareness in purchasing, changes in working practices and eco-guardians spreading the word across the departments.

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