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23 Oct 2018

Diamond Resorts committed with the Environment

Diamond Resorts Europe presents their sustainability projects to increase awareness amongst guests and team members

With 25 resorts and more than 2,250 accommodations in Europe, Diamond Resorts started a journey towards sustainable practices five years ago obtaining the ISO14001 certification that clearly marked the beginning of environmental efficiency.

Amongst the many initiatives all resorts have carried out, energy saving initiatives include led lighting in apartments and common areas, light movement sensors in common areas and offices, double-glazing, UV filters for windows to reduce the temperature within the accommodation and reduce air conditioning consumption, energy efficient electrical appliances, pool covers for heat loss reduction, low energy heating pumps for pools on beach resorts.

Water saving standards include double flush toilets, water saving shower heads, movement sensors or timed water taps, water tap and shower aerators, replacement of baths for showers in all refurbished apartments, drip irrigation for gardens, bed linen and towel changing choice, replacement of washing/drying machines for category A+, autochthonous plants to avoid unnecessary use of water.

There is also a great awareness towards recycling in resorts where all apartments and common areas have selective recycling bins to help us with a better waste classification aimed to send less tonnage to landfill and increase guests’ awareness. Since 2017, all resorts use recycled toilet & kitchen paper and tissues that do not use bleaching chemicals. The housekeeping departments use new linen bags instead of plastic, and all hazardous waste is recycled through certified companies

Since 2016, European resorts organise saving campaigns with the main objective of increasing awareness and encouraging guests and team members to engage in best practices for reducing electricity & water consumption or waste production whether travelling the world or relaxing at home

For some years now, all resort teams have participated in creating original and unique Christmas Recycled decorations competition and other initiatives are:

Ten resorts have the Green Leader Award by Trip Advisor

  • Each resort has a green garden where guests can pick up fruits, vegetables and herbs
  • There is a Sustainability “Focus Group” in charge of establishing and implementing environmental goals and initiatives for all resorts
  • Each resort has a “Sustainability Ambassador”, to help carry out the environmental initiatives to support the Manager during the yearly ISO14001 audit and to prepare the annual environmental performance files
  • Since 2015, resorts replaced newspapers for the online service “Press Reader” with more than 5 thousand newspapers in any language.
  • Since January 2018, the Company launched the “Green Line” blog where all team members can share their sustainable ideas and best practices

One of the latest goals set for end 2019 has been to reduce single-use plastic by 50%. Resorts are working closely with the Purchasing department to find sustainable alternatives to articles such as straws, stirrers, plastic cups, plates & cutlery, water bottles. For the latter, the consumption in 2017 was almost 4 tons, which will be saved from 2019 with the introduction of water filters in all apartments and offices.


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  • Juan
    October 24, 2018 at 9:35 am

    Congratulations Diamond! The impact on the environment of tourism is very great, so all hotels should be aware of it and ensure that negative environmental impact is minimized as much as possible.In addition, customers will increasingly demand an environmental sustainability policy.

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