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19 Mar 2020

Diamond Resorts statement on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

At Diamond Resorts, the safety of our members, owners, guests and team members is always our top priority. As the situation around the new coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, we are closely following recommendations from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and local health authorities on cleaning procedures and closures. Options are what everyone wants right now, so we are also temporarily changing some of our policies to provide flexibility during this time of uncertainty. Resort Closures Following instructions and mandates from local governments, we have temporarily closed several resorts, including on-site facilities and restaurants. Our teams are diligently working to notifying members,...

17 Sep 2019

Diamond Resorts reduces single-use plastic at European resorts

Diamond Resorts is pleased to announce it is working on reducing single-use plastics across its European resorts, eliminating or replacing 25 everyday plastic items with sustainable options. In an effort to reduce the company’s impact on the environment, Diamond has been training its team members on ways to be more environmentally friendly in their day-to-day tasks. The company also has developed educational programmes to help its members, owners and guests adopt green habits. Since plastic is one of the top hazards to the planet, Diamond’s European resorts procured a comprehensive list of plastic products their teams frequently used as part of operations...

We Are Water Foundation and Diamond Resorts partner to launch sustainable water usage initiative
8 May 2019

We Are Water Foundation and Diamond Resorts partner to launch sustainable water usage initiative at European resorts

Diamond Resorts™, a global leader in the hospitality and vacation ownership industries, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the We Are Water Foundation to launch an initiative that encourages travelers to make a rational and sustainable use of water. As part of the initiative, Diamond Resorts will be educating members, owners, guests and team members to make a reasonable and sustainable use of water within all of the company’s European properties. With help from We Are Water, Diamond Resorts will hold programmes aimed at informing people of their water usage and encouraging them to make simple changes, such...

23 Oct 2018

Diamond Resorts committed with the Environment

Diamond Resorts Europe presents their sustainability projects to increase awareness amongst guests and team members With 25 resorts and more than 2,250 accommodations in Europe, Diamond Resorts started a journey towards sustainable practices five years ago obtaining the ISO14001 certification that clearly marked the beginning of environmental efficiency. Amongst the many initiatives all resorts have carried out, energy saving initiatives include led lighting in apartments and common areas, light movement sensors in common areas and offices, double-glazing, UV filters for windows to reduce the temperature within the accommodation and reduce air conditioning consumption, energy efficient electrical appliances, pool covers for heat loss...

Diamond Resorts announces brand refresh
14 Feb 2018

Diamond Resorts announces brand refresh

Diamond Resorts™ has announced its redefined brand approach. Formerly Diamond Resorts International®, the company introduced its newly shortened name, brand promise to "Make a habit of breaking from the routine" and refreshed commitment to helping members take time to connect with the things that matter most in life. Effective immediately, the refresh features a new name, logo and website that embodies a more familiar and modern aesthetic, complete with a clear and conversational tone. The approach effectively communicates a straightforward focus on member benefits and Diamond's excitement to be a part of their journey. To build a unified brand experience, Diamond Resorts...

12 Jul 2017

Diamond Resorts dedicated to sustainability at European resorts

Sustainability is a core value for team members at Diamond Resorts International®, and as a global leader in the hospitality and vacation ownership industries, the company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint for a better future. As the United Nations 70th General Assembly has designated 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, Diamond Resorts shares some of the waste-reducing initiatives its European destinations are practicing, and the ways its members, owners and guests are helping raise awareness of sustainable travel. Every Diamond Resorts managed European resort has received an ISO 14001 certification, meaning the resort has met...