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6 Aug 2021

Diamond Resorts Globe Trotter Competition

For some time now Diamond Resorts in Europe has been working hard on minimising our impact on the environment and consciously embracing the promotion of sustainable and responsible tourism within our operations.

Water is a commodity that many global communities don’t have easy access to and indeed many of Diamond’s resorts are located in areas that suffer from periods of drought.  When staying with us, we have been asking our guests to “Accept The Deal” which is a tag line our teams use to encourage guests to help with water saving by voluntarily choosing to reduce the number of unnecessary towel and linen changes during their stays. In addition, plastic usage is a big cause of increasing pollution, not helped by the hospitality industry. Diamond Resorts want to be at the forefront of such initiatives as a member of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNTWO).

Now that resorts are re-opening, Diamond Resorts and the We Are Water Foundation have joined forces to launch ‘The Globe Trotter Bottle Competition’ with the aim of increasing awareness of the importance of water and decreasing the necessity of using single use plastic containers. By refusing single-use plastic, especially bottles, we can positively help and contribute towards a healthier planet without compromising its future.

All Diamond’s members and guests are invited to participate!  All that is needed is to purchase a ‘We Are Water’ drinks bottle from a Diamond Resorts European resort reception, use it as a travel companion, start taking photographs with it or of it, posting them on Twitter and/or Instagram tagging in @diamondresorts and @wearewater including the #theglobetrotterbottle hashtag plus a comment about what water means to the entrant.

“The Globe Trotter Bottle Competition” will take place from 15 July 2021 to 15 July 2022.  There are four categories to participate in and enter the competition.

  • The Furthest Travelled Bottle
  • The Unforgettable Photo
  • Your Favourite Diamond Spot
  • The most liked social media post

Prizes range from natural local produce baskets to a week’s stay in one of Diamond Resorts European resort destinations.

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