How to Engage Your Staff to Strengthen Your Business with RDO8 Guest Speaker Rebecca Jones

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8 Aug 2017

How to Engage Your Staff to Strengthen Your Business with RDO8 Guest Speaker Rebecca Jones

There are many people that have great ideas for a business, new innovations that they dream about developing and different ways to improve existing organisations. Often the only thing holding back individuals from realising these ambitions and succeeding rather than giving up and not taking a risk, is their worries about what other people think. Sadly the negativity and judgement of others is so often what many allow to stop their future success. The focus at the core of every talk that Rebecca Jones gives is that by changing our mindsets, we can overcome this self doubt and achieve so much more in both business and life.

One of the reasons that Rebecca is able to speak so passionately about this is because she draws from her own personal experience of overcoming adversity. In fact Rebecca had been failing at school and told by her teachers that she would probably not amount to much. As is so often the case though, traditional school is not for everyone and does not need to define your whole life. In fact many of the most successful people in the world in terms of business and other areas of life did not do well at school. Rebecca was definitely not prepared to prove her teachers right and instead at the age of just 19 she started her first business.

Now 26 years and four businesses later, her focus lies in encouraging others to change their mentality to achieve more success in the world of business and work, by embracing enterprise and following their ambitions. By combining her experience of running her own businesses over the past two and a half decades with her research and teaching, she has very successfully established herself within the field of staff engagement and business growth. Rebecca makes a connection between enterprise and business development with listening to customer needs, engaging staff and building sustainable approaches to organisational stability and growth.

By drawing on her experience and knowledge from decades of work, Rebecca has written new a book: “ENTERPRISE WITHIN™ – A corporate enterprise system to develop stretchy staff for organisational growth” which is due for release in September 2017.

Stretchy thinking – How to engage your staff to strengthen your business

During Rebecca’s session at RDO8 she aims to help you consider how to develop a more enterprising culture for a more successful business, by challenging how you think of enterprise. Rebecca will demonstrate during her presentation how your staff need to become stretchy and ready to embrace change. As well as this you will learn how and why you need to be an “enterprise enabler” to secure the future of the business by wowing your customers.

During her talks, Rebecca draws on her knowledge of people development and business growth to create an innovate blend of ideas and thinking in regards to business success. “Can your staff be more enterprising to help your organisation grow?” “Is mindset holding you, your team and your organisation back”?

Rebecca’s talk at RDO8 promises to be full of useful information for attendees to be able to use to improve the way they and their employees approach the future growth of the business. Rebecca is known for offering a fun and relaxed approach to learning that is combined with her extensive knowledge on helping leaders and their staff to achieve much greater successes by changing their mindset and thinking. This style has led to her talks being described as “enthusiastic without the cheese”. Too often presentations offer either style over substance, or an information overload that is overwhelming and boring, instead Rebecca has managed to capture just the right combination so that you will gain maximum benefit and feel motivated to change.

You can find out more about Rebecca Jones, her business and her upcoming book on her website: You can also connect with her via her social media channels:

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