EUROC, the new association representing the interests of timeshare owners, is launched

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EUROC European Resort Owners Coalition
12 Mar 2019

EUROC, the new association representing the interests of timeshare owners, is launched

On 27th February 2019 at a meeting of timeshare owners’ committees in Birmingham, delegates supported the proposals put forward for the budget, funding and structure for EUROC (European Resort Owners’ Coalition), the new European owners’ representative body, and gave their unanimous approval for its launch on March 1st.

Its creation follows the closure of TATOC in 2017, which left owners in the UK and mainland Europe without any form of representation and with little protection against the activities of fraudulent or deceptive operators. EUROC, which is run by owners, for owners, is to develop relationships with Europewide government departments, consumer organisations, enforcement bodies and the media, ensuring that the voice of the timeshare ownership community is heard and owners’ interests are formally represented and acted upon.

EUROC’s day-to-day functions are administered by RDO and a management agreement is already in place so that its operations are handled in the most economical way possible. Furthermore, the EUROC Board, which is made up of seven owners’ committee representatives and one representative respectively from ARDA-ROC and RDO, is in the process of recruiting a Member Relations Manager who will be responsible for bringing owners’ committees into membership. He or she will be the primary point of contact for owners’ committees, working to ensure their needs are met and that a forum to air, share and resolve issues of concern is created for the membership.

RDO and ARDA-ROC are funding EUROC over the course of 2019 to help set it up, but for 2020 it is expected to be close to self-funded through its membership fees.

Enquiries about EUROC membership should be directed to Paul Gardner Bougaard or Sue McNicol until the Member Relations Manager is in place. Details to follow shortly.


  • Elizabeth Hagger
    November 19, 2019 at 4:51 pm

    When I purchased my timeshare week, I was assured that it was a members only club, I found out today that many holiday companies, are offering package holidays to my resort, is this not a breach of contract? As my contract dated 1992 states members only club, hence we pay maintenance fees, been in touch with my resort, and they state in a email, that they take members and non members bookings.
    I have been contacted by several companies, stating that there is a court case pending, regards membership right, could you clarify what these are, in my contract it states that my week can be handed onto my family in my will, is this still legally binding?

    • Nikkie
      December 3, 2019 at 12:14 pm

      Thank you for your comment. Please contact our consumer services department via and please provide full details of where you own your Timeshare interest when writing to us.

  • Andrew Sweeney
    November 25, 2019 at 10:40 pm

    I do think that it is/would be good to have a genuinely representative organisation for timeshare owners. How does the fact that RDO, which represents developers, is managing the organisation work? Is this a case of Bernard Matthews asking for donations from Turkeys?

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