Fundación CLC World, 20 years of charitable commitment

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19 Sep 2019

Fundación CLC World, 20 years of charitable commitment

Fundación CLC World celebrated its 20th Anniversary with a commemorative Gala on Friday, 13th September.

More ,  resort to enjoy a magnificent evening – during which attendees sampled a cocktail made with CLC World’s Gatehouse Gin – followed by the Malaga band, Dry Martina.

Associations throughout the province, authorities, media, sponsors, collaborators, partners, representatives of the company, as well as the ambassadors and volunteers of the Foundation did not want to miss such an emblematic date.

Fundación CLC World’s founder, Roy Peires, told those present why he set up the charity, “I have been in business in Spain for 35 years, and it is a second home to me. My philosophy is that wherever I operate and am successful, it is my duty to reinvest and support members of the local community whether that is through financial aid, volunteering or donation of goods.”

Juan Miguel Marcos, president of Fundación CLC World, thanked everyone present, particularly the volunteers, “Thank you. Without you none of this would be possible. Your time and kindness, so generously given to those who most need it, has helped sustain this great project. I am enormously privileged to be part of this great family.”

The Foundation’s main objective is ‘to offer maximum support and improve the quality of life of groups and individuals in need on the Costa del Sol and Tenerife’, and has made great strides in achieving that aim in the last 20 years. As its president stated, “20 years in which we have exceeded 2 million euros in financial contributions, to which we must add donations of food, furniture, clothing, computer equipment and other provisions.”

Through the Gala celebration, Fundación CLC World recognised the continued support of all those present and reaffirmed its commitment to society in general.

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